About Me

About Me

Welcome to my site!

I am an avid health enthusiast who has found confidence and inner peace through my joyous pursuit of health. While working a day job as an  IT Analyst I had starved my body of physical fitness as well as spiritual knowledge for too long. I had developed physical problems like a backache, an ever scratchy throat and what not. Also, I was constantly agitated and my excitement for the future had dimmed to its last light.  Through my relentless habit of smoking, drinking and not giving attention to my priorities, I had shrunk to a dry husk of what I could be. Thankfully I realised my predicament just in time and now through regular workout and following my passion for writing, I live in a pain-free body and possess a joyous soul. Recently I started sharing my knowledge with my loved ones and have received immense gratification from seeing their lives transform for the better. 

Hence, I have decided to do the same thing for everyone and make them realise their full potential.

I thank you for visiting my site and hope that you enjoy the content that I enjoy and share with the world.

For starting I would like to recommend the following audiobook, available on YouTube. The book is titled ‘The Untroubled Mind’, written by a very wise physician Herbert J. Hall. Although it was written over a century ago, I have never read another book that points out the significance of both physical body and emotions playing their significance in determining the overall health of an individual.

Please click here to go to YouTube and listen to this amazing audiobook that will definitely jump start your journey of positive transformation.